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Salvio Benoy

IMA is one of the popular malayalee organizations in Chicago. I was the Kalaprathibha of IMA kalamela of 2019. I am grateful to IMA and proud to be the winner. IMA's programs allowed for growth and displaying my skills and abilities. IMA offers great opportunities to showcase our talents and encourage children to participate various cultures activities. This association boost our culture and traditions as well as celebrate all the festivals and important events just like in Kerala. I am honored to have participated in numerous of the functions and encourage others to partake in these and competitions as well.

Niya Joseph

Hello, my name is Niya Joseph. I am the 2019 Kalathilakam of IMA. IMA is a very honored organization and I am sincerely grateful to it for giving me an opportunity to participate in its competitions. It has given me and numerous others a chance to showcase our talents. There are not many opportunities for us to display our skills. I am very gracious to IMA for taking on this endeavor to give me and other talented artists a chance to present our gifts. By giving me feedback on my abilities, I was able to improve. Thank you IMA for all that you have done for me.
-Niya Joseph
2019 IMA Kalathilakam

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